Breach & Clear REBIRTH Comes to Life

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    Press Release

    Amsterdam – November 18th, 2016

    Breach & Clear REBIRTH Comes to Life

    – Comprehensive overhaul includes shift to Unity 5 engine –

    Developers Mighty Rabbit Studios, in association with Gambitious Digital Entertainment and Devolver Digital, today release Breach & Clear: Deadline – Rebirth, a comprehensive new free update to the game that features multiple improvements to performance, visuals and gameplay. 

    The development team has been closely listening to the game’s community and implemented a plethora of player feedback since the release of Breach & Clear: Deadline last Summer, including:

    Overhauled Gameplay: Statistics for enemies, player characters, weapons, and gear have had a huge balance pass and a more enjoyable and consistently challenging experience has emerged. Dungeon generation has been modified to make each floor more exciting with more discoveries, more enemies to fight and hand-crafted enemy encounters at different intervals in each dungeon. 

    Smoother controls: Fully re-worked camera and shooting for the game’s real-time action mode. Vastly improved versus the original release with a smarter camera that is snappier and more responsive than ever.

    Remastered Graphics: Every scene has had a full lighting pass, making way for a much more realized version of Harbor City than any previous version of the game. Textures have been retouched, compression settings have been modified, and it now fully utilizes Unity 5’s physically based rendering.

    Removal of Online Co-op: Underutilized since launch, the team made the decision to remove online co-op from the latest version of Breach & Clear: Deadline. This led to widespread performance and reliability enhancements as the code’s dependence on the servers and the need to be ready for drop-in/drop-out multiplayer at any moment was removed.

    All of these changes have enabled the developers to greatly improve the game’s performance, load times and making everything more reliable.

    This is the definitive, and complete, version of Breach & Clear: Deadline.

    Breach & Clear: Deadline – Rebirth drops players into urban decay as an infection is quickly engulfing the city. As the leader of an elite tactical squad, you must find the source of the infection and stop it before it gets out of hand. Lead your team into a massive, complex inner-city, strategize on the fly against the hordes you’ll encounter and try to stay alive using creative combinations of what resources you have.

    Featuring hours of replayable missions in a variety of dynamic environments, no play-through is ever the same. Get in, get out, stay alive – if you can.

    For more information, please hit up

    About Mighty Rabbit Studios
    Entering the fray from Cary, NC, Mighty Rabbit Studios is staffed by talented and edgy developers that spend their days making rad games! Since being founded in 2010, they have focused on creating multi-platform games like Saturday Morning RPG, Fat Chicken and Breach & Clear. All the aforementioned games have garnered much acclaim from critics and fans alike. You can learn more about Mighty Rabbit and their team at

    About Gambitious Digital Entertainment
    Launched in 2012, Gambitious, Inc. is the first global crowd-financing platform exclusively for games.  With a mission to create and foster a sustainable ecosystem for independent game creation and publishing, Gambitious utilizes its evolving set of creative crowd financing tools and techniques to get more great game titles funded, produced and successfully released. The company’s publishing label, Gambitious Digital Entertainment, was created in 2014 to offer professional, developer-friendly production, marketing and distribution services in order to ensure a timely return to investors and developers on projects. Gambitious has successfully established partnerships and released its titles on Steam, the PlayStation®Store, Xbox Games Store,, Humble and the Mac Store as well as a number of emerging global digital distributors. For more information, visit, like us on Facebook and follow us @GambitiousInc on Twitter.

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