Weedcraft Inc’s ‘Freedom Update’ Delivers A Fat DLC Hit


Weedcraft Inc, the most current and in-depth tycoon game about the modern American cannabis industry from Vile Monarch and Devolver Digital gets even better with the “Freedom Update”! It delivers what the players were asking for – a rich and highly customizable sandbox mode. It also has an easier Chill Mode, new music and a bunch of smaller additions and fixes, all in one huge gift of a DLC!

HEAVE HO flings onto Nintendo Switch and PC today

Heave Ho - Logo

Independent developer Le Cartel and tight-gripped game label Devolver Digital have launched the physics-based local multiplayer game Heave Ho on Nintendo Switch and PC. Heave Ho has been hailed as the leading contender for 2019’s LMPGOTY [Local Multiplayer Game of the Year] by nearly everyone, except for that one dude Leonard who – honestly – sucks at games anyway.

Keep your eyes peeled for Witcheye! A new plaform adventure for mobile coming on August 15

Witcheye - Key Art

Witcheye uses a fantastically innovative touchscreen control system that gives players unparalleled control over the hero’s…eyeball… on her colorful adventure. Swipe to move and touch to stop, bouncing off of enemies and dodging hazards in six vibrant worlds. Set off on a treacherous journey as a mild-mannered witch who transforms into a flying eyeball of vengeance after a smarmy knight and wizard steal her spell ingredients.


Heave Ho - Artwork

Independent developer Le Cartel and tight-gripped game label Devolver Digital have announced physics-based local multiplayer adventure Heave Ho swings onto Nintendo Switch and PC on August 29. The next great couch co-op game also has a free Heave Ho ‘Party Demo’ available starting today on Steam – perfect for any meetups, events, and game nights.