The Talos Principle, Devolver Digital Titles arrive on NVIDIA® SHIELD™ and other Android devices

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    Press Release


    Austin, TX 



    The technophiles at Devolver Digital announced today that indie hits The Talos Principle, Hotline Miami, OlliOlli, Always Sometimes Monsters, and LUFTRAUSERS are all now available on NVIDIA® SHIELD™ devices and the new SHIELD™ Android TV console and other select Android devices that have ™ symbols including Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Google Nexus 9. Check out the games lineup trailer on Devolver’s official YouTube channel ( The collection of award-winning games take full advantage of the latest Android-enabled hardware and controllers to deliver a perfect gameplay experience, and are all available now for download on the Google Play store.


    When I first heard we were releasing select titles on Android devices I thought that meant we learned how to sell video games to robots,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Sounds like that’s not the case but since we’ll still be making a boatload of cash it’s cool with me.

    Croteam’s award-winning first-person puzzler The Talos Principle is available as six €5,59 episodes with an option to purchase the first episode for €5,49 and then the remaining five episodes at once with a €16,49 Season Pass.

    Celebrated game titles Hotline Miami, OlliOlli, Always Sometimes Monsters, and LUFTRAUSERS are all also available on Google Play with a 50% off launch window discount.

    All five new Devolver Digital Android titles will be available for hands-on demos on the new SHIELD™ Android TV console at Devolver Digital’s Trailer Park of BBQ and Awesomeness at E3™ June 16 – 18®. For more information on Devolver Digital and the new Android releases visit and follow @DevolverDigital on Twitter.

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