Two Point Hospital creators celebrate two-year anniversary with Steam free weekend and sale

Two Point Hospital celebrates its two-year anniversary this weekend, looking back at two incredible years filled with humour, great community support and even the arrival of the game to consoles. To celebrate, Two Point Studios’ Creative Director Gary Carr, Game Director Mark Webley and Brand Director Craig Laycock, made a video about their favourite moments while working on the popular hospital management sim.

Surgeon Simulator 2 Team Will Pay $1,000 For Winning Level Creations

Last month, Bossa Studios invited the world to an exclusive consultation with Surgeon Simulator 2’s powerful Creation Mode. This easy-to-use toolkit allows players to create their own levels and experiences to share with the game’s community, and is available alongside the title’s core story mode. Today, Bossa Studios fully reveals the seemingly limitless potential of this secondary gameplay mode, with a new Level Creation Tutorial Trailer as well as details of their monthly Community $potlight prizes.

Surgeon Simulator 2 Kickstarts Pre-Access Week With Brand New Trailer

London, UK: Bossa Studios has today released a new trailer for Surgeon Simulator 2, its upcoming medical training program. This trailer depicts the studio’s commitment to recreating the mid-century operating room experience by leveraging the power of modern PC Gaming hardware. Bossa are delighted to declare that all prospective doctors who have purchased Surgeon Simulator 2 will receive pre-access to the product from 22:00 CEST on Friday 21st August.

The Furious Wild expansion comes to Total War: THREE KINGDOMS on September 3rd

Out September 3rd, The Furious Wild is the first expansion pack for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, introducing four new factions and an extension to the sprawling map of third century China. Explore the deadly jungles of the south and with it, the fearsome tribes of the Nanman; their story awaits.