HUMANKIND Feature Focus #10 – Art of War

War is an inescapable part of human history. And when you’re trying to build an empire, the day may come when you’ll want to lead troops into battle yourself, much like Caesar or Napoleon.  In HUMANKIND™, our upcoming historical strategy title, you will not only be the ruler and decision maker for your empire, but also be the one to give the battle orders directly. Prepare to master the art of war!

Blightbound Makes Its Final Charge Toward Launch

The Blightbound 0.7 update, dubbed Final Charge, delivers a wealth of new features, challenges, items and more to the game as it nears the end of its heroic journey through Early Access

Tycoon Simulator Transport Fever 2 is Now Available on Mac

Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer Urban Games have revealed that Transport Fever 2, the latest great tycoon simulation game from the makers of the hit Transport Fever and Train Fever series, is now available on Mac