Fall Into September with the Newest Episode of InnoGames TV

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Hamburg – September 2nd, 2016

Fall Into September with the Newest Episode of InnoGames TV 


InnoGames TV starts the Autumn season early with the release of the September episode. Starting today, the approximately 14 minute-long video shows images from the new Forge of Empires Fall Event and innovations to Elvenar’s combat system. In addition, the team behind the show celebrate the birthdays for Grepolis and Tribal Wars 2 with an exclusive contest that lets players win premium currency for both games.

The September episode starts off with Elvenar’s Game Designer Timon and Graphic Designer Rike going through the planned changes to the combat system. Players can look forward to many small improvements, fairer balances and new units. For the first time ever Elven players will have access to the Cerberus while Humans will get a new unit called the Mortar.

On their end, Forge of Empires takes you apple picking with a brand new event. Players can look forward to working with their guild to collect apples, which can be exchanged for exciting new prices. In addition to their fall event, Game Designers Thi and Kai briefly explain the new historical event which focuses on Princess Sisi.

This month InnoGames TV also covers Grepolis, Tribal Wars 2 and their trip to gamescom. Grepolis gives an overview of the recent changes and Tribal Wars 2 is celebrating its birthday with a new event. Last but not least, InnoGames give an inside look into their game jam at gamescom.


Through their monthly video podcast, InnoGames provides the community with the latest news about their games. While the host speaks English, nine languages are available via subtitles on YouTube.

Met meer dan 150 miljoen geregistreerde spelers is InnoGames een van de grootste aanbieders van online games ter wereld. De in Hamburg gelegen onderneming telt momenteel meer dan 350 werknemers uit 30 verschillende landen. Naast Forge of Empires scoorde InnoGames ongeziene kassuccessen met Tribal Wars en Grepolis.









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