Love Thyself: Part 2 — Available Now

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Press Release


June 4th, 2019

Love Thyself: Part 2 — Available Now

– Free, free, it’s still free. Plus, a (free) secret ending available via Games2Gether! –

Congratulations, cadet, you’ve made it through your first few weeks at Horatio Academy! Time has flown by as you’ve honed your skills in everything from Horatiology to Genomic Inference to, of course, Imperial Maintenance. And you’ve looked damn good doing it.

By now, you’ve also established your rebellious streak. Or perhaps your starstruck penchant for obeying authority. You’ve also become surprisingly close to your handsome superior (after all, he does look like you). Either way, the time has come to take the next, crucial, step in your studies…

Horatio? More like More-atio!

“Love Thyself” Part 2 is the much-awaited finale to the visual novel that nobody knew they needed until they had it. We’ve pulled out all the stops, adding:

  • New (gasp!) non-Horatio characters
  • Multiple exciting endings & opportunities for romance
  • Secrets?????

Love Thyself Part 2 is available now for free on Steam. It’s an update to Part 1, so just launch the game that’s already in your library. Or download it here if you don’t have it yet!

As a special bonus, a secret ending is available via Games2Gether, which will unlock a final Steam achievement plus a shiny Games2Gether badge!

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