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London, 6 December 2013 

Speedball 2 HD arrives at full throttle on PC!

Mastertronic are joining forces with two Godfathers of Britsoft to bring you an all-new version of one of the greatest games of all time, Speedball 2 HD!
Speedball 2 HD is now available on PC for $9.99 / 7,99 €.


How did video games shape your world? If gaming life has a narrative, Speedball 2 plays a huge part in many stories. From original developers The Bitmap Brothers and Jon Hare’s Tower Studios comes a faithful high definition remake of the peerless 90’s classic. Relive those epic Speedball memories with a brutal mix of handball, American Football, and ice hockey, punctuated by super power-ups and tactical switches, all brought together by Appster’s ‘2013 Indie Developer of the Year’, Vivid Games. 

Choose your players, lock them in and then get ready for some ruthless action! Manage and upgrade your Speedball team with full player transfer market across four planets and new formations. Featuring 330 players to choose from and six new arenas, your ultimate mission is to assemble your own Speedball team to win the Intergalactic Champions League and bring the greatest prize in galactic sport back to Earth. Points are earned by injuring opponents as well as scoring goals, so let the carnage begin!

"Retro-style PC games are a growing trend. Many of today's game developers, like Vivid Games, grew up in the 8 and 16 bit eras and enjoy using their talents to breathe new life into old classics. 
We have all enjoyed working with Mike Montgomery to bring back the magic of the original Speedball franchise with enhanced mechanics and features for the modern gamer”
says Jon Hare."Speedball 2 was one of my favourite games on the Amiga, so when Mike offered it to me to work on I couldn’t turn it down. We have done great things with Speedball in recent times at Tower Studios and now we have Speedball 2 HD, the best version of this classic game ever to grace a PC screen”. “

Working on the original The Bitmap Brothers games, it becomes apparent how much of those games are still relevant today. It’s been a fascinating journey translating the original Atari ST game for modern engines but with that said, Speedball 2 HD is as strong and addictive as ever before.” commented Mike Montgomery. 

Developed by Vivid Games and designed, directed and produced by Jon Hare with Mike Montgomery, Speedball 2 HD is available now on Steam with a super 20% launch discount! 

In addition indie developers Mode 7 are offering all that buy Frozen Endzone a mega 30% off Speedball 2 HD on Steam!

Speedball 2 HD available at:

Get Games: http://getgamesgo.com/product/speedball-2-hd

Buy Frozen Endzone at http://www.frozenendzone.com and receive 30% off Speedball 2 HD on Steam!

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About Tower Studios
Tower Studios is owned and operated by Jon Hare, founding member of the legendary Sensible Software, one of the most successful European game development companies of the 20th Century. Hare’s strong games design pedigree has produced 10 titles that have reached #1 across Europe. Recently, the company has been working quietly behind the scenes with the Bitmap Brothers and some of today’s most successful digital developers, such as “Indie Developer of the Year” Vivid games to bring back old school development values into both classic remakes and new titles for the digital age

About Vivid Games
Vivid Games is one of Europe’s premier emerging independent development studios, with a passion for accessible and engaging gaming at the heart of its philosophy. Founded in 2006, Vivid Games is making a valuable contribution to the worldwide games development community. Vivid Games has become renowned for its specialization in cross-platform development, working both with licensed brands and exciting new IPs of its own. www.vividgames.com

About the Mastertronic Group Limited
Mastertronic Group is a multi-platform, world-class developer, publisher, manufacturer, distributor and online retailer of digital interactive entertainment. Using the extensive experience in our quality-focused teams, we deliver digital entertainment to consumers and significant added-value income to our development, retail and publishing partners. The Group has a number of publishing labels, each focused on specific audience demographics. Established PC titles are republished through our  Sold Out range, specialist PC simulations are published under the  Just Flight and Just Trains  labels and console formats (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS, iOS and Android) via  Mastertronic. The Mastertronic Group also publishes Indie games on the Great Indie Games label.  Just Flight, and its sister company  Just Trains, are the leading worldwide simulation specialists.  Just Flight was established in 1995, and within three years became the world's largest publisher of flight simulation software with the exception of Microsoft, with a reputation for high quality products, published by genuine enthusiasts. Via  The Producers, the Group offers a 'cradle to grave' turnkey service for physical product, from marketing, packaging and warehousing and an experienced sales service right through to retail, while its specialist PC download site,  GetGames  is a key player in the digital distribution market. The Mastertronic Group has just celebrated its 25th anniversary.

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