World Reveal for Riders of Icarus’ Large December Game Update, Ranger’s Fury


Riders enjoying the open beta of Riders of Icarus will soon receive the gift of new content – and lots of it – just in time for the holiday season, with the Ranger’s Fury update on Thursday, Dec. 15. The update will bring a wealth of new experiences, including an increased level cap of 50, a vast and challenging desert zone, and the first new character class since open beta launched earlier this year, the Ranger, who features a unique blend of close- and long-range combat options. In addition, nine new mounts will be introduced in the game for players to capture and collect, including Longhorn Bajarn, Matura, Panos, Poyo, Shakiba, Trinoceros, Tolus, Vegarus and Voknos.

Riders of Icarus Adds New Realm to Explore and Raises Level Cap in Today’s Rift of the Damned Update


Riders of Icarus, the free-to-play action-adventure game that combines the fantasy of an RPG with the ability to tame and collect a vast number of unique creatures, today introduced another new zone for players to explore and conquer. Available to all players level 35 and above, the “Rift of the Damned” update expands the beautiful world of Riders of Icarus with a realm completely suspended in the sky. The update also delivers more flying mounts for Riders to capture and take into battle against grandiose new bosses on their quest to reach the new level cap of 40.

Riders of Icarus Soars to New Heights with more than 1 Millon Players


Since the launch of its open beta in early July, Riders of Icarus has garnered the attention of daring riders captivated by the unique mount system and enticing action-packed gameplay. Already hugely popular in Asia as Icarus Online, the action-adventure game has seen great response from its western audience, who have recently pushed Riders of Icarus over the million playermark. Find out what people are saying about Riders of Icarus, in a new trailer:

Riders of Icarus – Blight of Frost Keep Update


The first major update for Riders of Icarus is coming next week, bringing with it a level cap increase to 35 and a host of new content.
To accompany this news, Nexon America and WeMade Entertainment have created a new video to introduce players to the vast world of Icarus: