Fantasy on the Go – InnoGames Releases Mobile Versions of Elvenar

Elvenar Mobile Logo

Today InnoGames announced the mobile launch of its successful fantasy strategy game Elvenar. From now on, players all over the world can download the app in the Google Play Store and App Store. The Elvenar app features full cross-platform functionality: Elvenar fans can use their already existing accounts, switch back and forth between devices or create an entirely new account. In addition, InnoGames gives fans the chance to win an iPad Air 2 & a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 in a special social media competition!

Successful together! Forge of Empires Introduces Friends Tavern


Today InnoGames released a new building in it’s cross-platform strategy hit Forge of Empires. The new friends tavern allows players to visit and support each other. The more friends join the new building at the same time, the more tavern silver is collectable for the host. The new social currency can be invested in the tavern shop on a variety of exclusive new boosts.

Woodelves Come to Elvenar


Today a new guest race arrived in InnoGames’ fantasy city builder Elvenar. From chapter nine on, the Woodelves will bring peace back to nature after the arrival of the Orcs and Goblins. The company also released a new video that shows an overview by Game Designer Timon and graphic artist Rike.

Elvenar: Let the Summer Festivities Begin!


Starting today, InnoGames celebrates the Elvenar Summer Solstice in the very first in-game event of their fantasy city-builder, Elvenar. The Summer Event lasts from August 8th through August 29th, granting players the chance to complete new quest lines and win various prizes, including three grand prize buildings.

Happy Birthday Elvenar! InnoGames’ Fantasy Game Turns One


Today, InnoGames celebrates the first birthday of their fantasy city-builder Elvenar. Exactly one year ago, the online video games company launched Elvenar’s first international server. Since then, millions of players around the world have registered and the game currently supports over 20 languages.

Let The Games Begin! Elvenar Introduces Tournaments


InnoGames announced the release of a new feature in Elvenar: Tournaments. This new in-game addition lets players win various prizes by taking part in province competitions. The mobile games company published a video which shows an in-depth look into the feature.