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Press Release

Hotline miami

MIAMI, 1989

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Hi, this is ‘Dennis’ from Hotline Miami’s Kickstarter service. Dennaton Games & Devolver Digital, in partnership with Laced Records, announce today their Kickstarter project to produce the long-awaited vinyl collector’s edition of the original Hotline Miami soundtrack. They’re waiting for you now. As usual, wear something suitable. Keep it quick and clean.


We know who you are. ‘The Fans’. You’ve been waiting for this record – relentless in its brutal, sensory assault. We wanted to give The Fans the chance to help it finally come to fruition, and guarantee themselves a first edition of the final chapter in this grisly tale.

We’ve spent the last few months working with Dennaton and the many artists featured to create something The Fans will love, but we need their help to let us know this is something they really want, and to help fund the production on a larger scale. 

We turned to Kickstarter to gauge interest and build support from Hotline Miami fans. We’re really excited about the record, and we hope you share our enthusiasm so that we can make this project a success.

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Hotline Miami Vinyl - Artwork

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About the Hotline Miami Collector’s Edition Soundtrack
Fusing together a multitude of electronic artists to create a brooding ode to the dark, rain-slicked streets of pulp 80s cinema, this special first pressing collector’s edition of the Hotline Miami soundtrack on vinyl is limited to 5,000 copies, exclusive to backers. Featuring remastered versions of all 22 tracks from the original game, this collector’s edition also includes 4 new bonus tracks from Perturbator, M|O|O|N, El Huervo and Jasper Byrne.

Spread across three 12” 180 gram discs, the soundtrack comes packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve featuring brand new cover artwork by original Hotline Miami artist Niklas Akerblad, depicting the demise of the enigmatic Jacket. Additional artwork is provided by Protski, an artist hand-picked by Dennaton Games whose neon-drenched depiction of The Masks adorns the inner sleeve. Limited edition screen prints of each artists’ designs are available to tier-four backers, and above.

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