Masters of Anima blasts open the portal to the world of Spark today


Hey, Otto. Yes, I’m talking to you! It’s time to gird your loins (I’ve never known what that means) and summon every shred of courage. You’re about to begin a perilous journey into the magical world of Spark from which you may never return. Your beloved Ana has just about had enough of the bad breath and poor table manners of her captor Zahr and his foul Golems. So it’s hero time, kid. Don’t mess up.

The Swords of Ditto rise to the challenge on April 24

The Swords of Ditto - Logo (1)

The delightful heroes at developer onebitbeyond and teeny tiny game label Devolver Digital have announced their vibrant action RPG The Swords of Ditto will launch April 24 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

GAMEVIL Begins Pre-Registration for HEIR OF LIGHT


Restore the light to a world consumed by darkness. GAMEVIL’s highly anticipated Gothic-Fantasy RPG HEIR OF LIGHT will officially launch on March 6 (PST), and players worldwide can pre-register for it now. The pre-registration period will last until March 5 (PST), and players will receive exclusive in-game currency when the game is officially released.

Sometimes It Takes Daemons to Take on Daemons in The Alliance Alive


It’s been one thousand years since Daemons have taken over the world, so it’s about time for a group of rebels called the Night Ravens to rise up and resist Daemonic tyranny. We’ve already introduced Azura, Galil, and Renzo, but let’s talk about some of the more colorful members of the group. And by colorful, I mean Daemonic. Yes, you read that correctly; there are good Daemons that want to join the fight to help free Humanity!