SEGA Heroes unites legendary characters from all your favorite SEGA games


Today marks the launch of SEGA Heroes, the action-packed match-3 brawler that unites three decades of beloved SEGA characters in one epic quest to defeat Dremagen and her army of evil clones. SEGA Heroes is now available to download for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play Store for Android devices.

Deponia: Out Now for PS4


As of today, Deponia is digitally available in the PlayStation®Store. The controls have been completely reworked for this release, meaning the main character Rufus can be controlled directly, intensifying the gaming experience even further.

Total War Battles: KINGDOM conquers Facebook!


Already having been enjoyed by millions of players on mobile devices, PC and Mac, Total War Battles: KINGDOM is taking its success to a brand new platform with its recent launch on Facebook. Adding to its arsenal yet another platform for its players to enjoy, Total War Battles: KINGDOM is now more free to play anywhere, on any device, than ever.

The Norsemen have landed! Viking Explorers update released for Total War Battles: KINGDOM!


The Vikings, infamous raiders and seafarers, have landed in your kingdom – but this is no invasion. Ushering in an era of cooperation, they are offering their mighty warriors and seafaring expertise to your growing Kingdom. Viking Explorers, the second major content update for Total War Battles: KINGDOM is now live across all platforms, and introduces a myriad of new features and additions.

The Norsemen are coming! Viking Explorers Announced for Total War Battles: KINGDOM!


Strangers have landed on your shores. They come on Longships and bearing axes, but these Norsemen are here for more than just war. Coming soon across all platforms, the second major content update for Total War Battles: KINGDOM sees the arrival of the fearsome Vikings, though these strangers from the north are not here to raid and pillage. Rather, they come as explorers and mercenaries, offering their seafaring expertise and martial prowess to further empower your burgeoning realm.

Stop Watching. Take Control. Start Winning.


SEGA Europe Ltd. and Playsport Games have today announced that Motorsport Manager is coming to PC in September 2016. Following on from the success of the #1 rated mobile game of the same name on Android and Apple devices, Playsport, have built an all new Motorsport Manager experience from the ground up, specifically for PC, Linux and Mac. Motorsport Manager gives you the unique opportunity to build your own team in the fast moving world of motorsport. You’ll hire the drivers, research the tech, devise the race-day tactics and so much more in a game where every single decision matters. Will your team dominate the podium or be left stalling on the start line?