CCP Games to Release Sparc™ for PlayStation® VR on 29 August 2017

Sparc Logo

CCP Games is thrilled to announce that Sparc™– the energetic, competitive virtual reality game – will launch on PlayStation®VR on Tuesday 29 August. On release, PSVR owners will be able to download Sparc for €29.99 SRP from the PlayStation®Store.

EVE Online Joins Search for Real Exoplanets With Project Discovery


CCP Games has added the ability for players of its massively multiplayer online game EVE Online to help search for distant planets outside of our solar system (AKA exoplanets) from within EVE’s virtual universe in the newest phase of its citizen science effort called Project Discovery. This unique scientific crowdsourcing effort is a collaboration between EVE Online developers, Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS), Reykjavik University, and the University of Geneva and honorary professor Michel Mayor, who recently won the prestigious 2017 Wolf Prize for Physics. Together with Didier Queloz in 1995, Mayor discovered 51 Pegasi b – the first exoplanet orbiting a main sequence star.

EVE Online’s Rogue Swarm Alert Event and Color Blindness Support


Following the revelation that CONCORD’s Rogue Drone Monitoring Taskforce has begun to observe new behavior among many of the groups of rogue drones, the empires of New Eden are requesting that capsuleers assist in stamping out this new breed of high-level rogue AI that has emerged.

[E3] CCP Games’ Sparc™to Launch Exclusively on PlayStation®VR This Year

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CCP Games’ first-of-its kind, full-body virtual sport (“vSport”) Sparc™is coming first to PlayStation®VR (PSVR) in Q3 2017. The upcoming virtual reality game has been topping headlines through its fun and fierce competitive gameplay, with Eurogamer describing Sparc as “a new magical moment in VR,” Hardcore Gamer calling it “one of the best times I’ve had in a VR environment,” and VG24/7 declaring that “Sparc is the type of game that VR desperately needs more of.”

EVE: Valkyrie’s SRP Receives Permanent Reduction to €39.99

Logo EVE Valkyrie

CCP Games are excited to announce that from today, the digital download edition of EVE: Valkyrie – the virtual reality space combat shooter set in the EVE universe – will be available to purchase for €39.99, a 33% reduction from the game’s original suggested retail price (SRP). Now virtual reality gamers across HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift can immerse themselves in EVE: Valkyrie’s acclaimed VR visuals and cross-platform competitive multiplayer action at a lower price than ever before.

EVE Online mixes celebration, beauty and terror with Capsuleer Day and YC 119.5 Release


On May 6th, EVE Online celebrated its 14th anniversary with Capsuleer Day. In 2003, a flood of intrepid pilots took to the skies with grand hopes and aspirations. Fourteen years on and the same curiosity and bravery have become the cornerstones of a thriving virtual world built on emergent, player-driven experiences. In celebration of another year amongst the stars, all capsuleers were rewarded with a YC119 Capsuleer Day Capsule SKIN and loads of fireworks, redeemable until May 23rd.