InnoGames Gamescom line-up confirmed


Game developer InnoGames will attend gamescom with their line-up of new titles and gameplay updates, including Tribal Wars 2, the new strategic browser game Elvenar and Cross-platform title Forge of Empires, which recently launched its Android-Version.

Band of Fellows – Elvenar Adds Guild System


Today, InnoGames released a new feature in its strategic city-building game Elvenar: Fellowships. Players can now band together with up to 25 companions and engage in activities that all members profit from, such as trading and enhancing production by visiting each other’s cities. Being in a fellowship also allows access to the ingame chat-function which grants seamless communication between members.

InnoGames Unleashes PvP on iOS: Tribal Wars 2 Launches New App


Today, online games developer InnoGames launched the iOS version of its cross-platform strategy game Tribal Wars 2. Players can download the app for free on the Apple App Store and it supports all iOS devices from the iPhone 4S on. Tribal Wars 2 is fully cross-platform, which allows users to seamlessly switch between Android, browser and now the iOS-App and never lose progress. The game follows its legendary browser predecessor Tribal Wars, which has 55 million registered players worldwide.

InnoGames Kicks Off the Season with New Summer Events


With vacation season heating up, InnoGames’ rejuvenates the long days with summer events for their hit strategy games Forge of Empires and Grepolis. Starting today, players can complete quests in Forge of Empires to receive brand new content and buildings. From June 18 on Grepolis starts its very own “Commander of Rome”. The company also released videos on both Commander of Rome and the Forge of Empires’ Summer Event. Additionally, it will host a live QA session on twitch and periscope with Forge’s Game Designer on June 19 at 4 p.m. CEST.

Tribal Wars Releases Revamped Version of Rescue the Royalty


Today, InnoGames’ classic strategic MMO Tribal Wars started its popular event: Rescue the Royalty. For two weeks, players can participate in daily quests and save princesses and princes from dangerous monsters. The company also released a video with Lead Community Manager Thomas explaining it.

Step up your game in Elvenar – with Upgrades!


Today, InnoGames released additional information on the upgrade mechanics and gameplay elements of its latest game Elvenar. In the strategic city-builder, every building contains up to fifteen upgrade levels, each one of them inherently changing the buildings’ looks and efficiency. Even though both of the game’s races, the Elves and Humans, have access to most of the same building types, they look entirely different which can be seen in the game’s latest video.