Gamers have yet another opportunity to bring their skills and experience the thrilling, gravity-defying combat in LawBreakers during the game’s very first open beta event. Key-holding beta participants headed into battle earlier this week, but starting today at 9am PDT/6pm CET, for the very first time, the PC beta is open to all gamers via Steam. Visit to get started. The PC beta event ends July 5 at 9am PDT/6pm CET.

Motorsport Manager’s “From the Pit Wall” Video Series – Strategy


With three races in the books already this season, there have been no shortage of interesting strategies adopted by teams the length and breadth of the Formula 1 grid. So, ahead of the next race in Russia, tune into the fourth and final installment from Karun Chandhok and our Motorsport Manager “From the Pit Wall” video series to find out how teams and drivers go about managing their cars through a race weekend.

World Reveal for Riders of Icarus’ Large December Game Update, Ranger’s Fury


Riders enjoying the open beta of Riders of Icarus will soon receive the gift of new content – and lots of it – just in time for the holiday season, with the Ranger’s Fury update on Thursday, Dec. 15. The update will bring a wealth of new experiences, including an increased level cap of 50, a vast and challenging desert zone, and the first new character class since open beta launched earlier this year, the Ranger, who features a unique blend of close- and long-range combat options. In addition, nine new mounts will be introduced in the game for players to capture and collect, including Longhorn Bajarn, Matura, Panos, Poyo, Shakiba, Trinoceros, Tolus, Vegarus and Voknos.

Snow Horse, the snowboarding game you never asked for, where the points are made up and you are a horse riding a snowboard (PC, iOS)


Debuting in October 2015, Snow Horse quickly gained popularity over Twitter from gameplay gifs posted by its creator Chris Figueroa. It was also picked up by serious people from Youtube Gaming, Kotaku, IGN, and even E3. Now, KinifiGames can proudly announce that Snow Horse is trotting in on Steam August 4th and iOS July 28th, and that the game has seen a significant facelift since its debut in October. (Not really but its gonna get better, ok? Be cool.)

Hard West Accolades Trailer and 30% Discount in Steam Sale

Hard West_Logo

The old west is a hard place, with trigger-happy gunslingers and backstabbing opportunists all looking to make their mark by any means necessary, but this time they crossed the wrong dude. A tactical, turn-based western of six-shooters and the supernatural, Hard West and the Hard West: Collector’s Edition are both currently 30% off Steam.